The Dolman Cobra
A new plug and socket for the 21st Century

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  • The plug is very easy to locate - it guides itself in
  • It takes only a limited push to engage the plug - less than 1/3 of that for a normal plug.
  • Taking the plug out is also very easy and can be done with one finger.
  • The plug is inherently very safe - a strong pull on the cord disengages it, and the socket switches itself off when the plug is taken out - it is not possible to push things into a live contact.




If you are at all interested in the plug, and/or would like to tell me what you think,
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This site exposes the dangers in using socket covers as a way of protecting children.

The current plug and socket specification is more than 60 yrs old, and wasn't designed for ease of use or complete safety


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We exhibited the Dolman Cobra at the Grand Designs Show, last October. There was a huge amount of interest, from people wanting to buy it, as well as possible development partners.